Sunday, 27 December 2015

Another year over, new friends, stories written, ideas bubbling ...

The year end is around the corner and the New Year ready and waiting for us to do great things and share love, laughter and stories with who we meet.
It is good to look over what we accomplish and see, where we can either, learn from our experiences or challenge ourselves with something new.
Toulouse, France, Feb 2015
Writers need to keep the flow going, there is always some story competition that will strike us as interesting or an idea for a novel will hit while preparing the dinner. Even an overheard piece of conservation can spark a plot for a play, so we writers are constantly surrounded by inspiration, no excuses!
But do we use this wonderful source of ideas? This is why I like to look over the year that's ending and see what I've achieved and help plan for the new year that beckons.
How did I do in 2015?
My story The Timepiece was shortlisted in the RTÉGuide/Penguin short story competition and resulted in a lovely day out in Dublin with others that were also shortlisted. Another long short story, Roll Up, Roll Up!, was published on Amazon. If you like horror then this is for you! In November I was asked to write a Christmas story for my local paper and was thrilled when it got a great reception by those who read it. It was titled, A Perfect ChristmasI also had memory pieces published in Ireland's Own, this magazine is a national treasure and I was again delighted to be included in two of its issues.
In February, I treated myself to a week in Toulouse, France where I wrote and soaked up all the week in a new city offered me.
Manchester, England.
My 1st novella in the western genre, The Runaway, which suits both young adults and grown-ups alike, was published in April. Following on, in June, the paperback of My Husband's Sin was brought out, after its success an an eBook, since Aug. 2014 and is going from strength to strength. Also in June, my 1st adult romance, One Night in Barcelona, was published by Tirgearr Publishing.
I completed my 2nd novella in the western genre, this time a romance titled, Destiny, which I have held back for publication in February of 2016, under the auspices of Writers of the West
In July I went to Manchester and met up with some international writing friends from a group of which I'm part of on social media. It was the 1st time for us to meet and it was a wonderful experience. The group name is FWG, (Fiction Writers Group) go check them out,
I was blessed too when it came to my projects for theatre. My play, The Bench, had a staged reading during the Kanturk Arts Festival, in Co. Cork. Then with three other play writing friends, I co-wrote the play, Catching The Train, and it was performed for two nights in December, in Friars Gate Theatre, Co. Limerick, directed by Mandy Donworth. It was nerve-wrecking and exciting to see our words brought to life on stage.
My year included mentoring 2 women groups for Family Resource Centres in Croom and Hospital, and producing a booklet to accompany their art
Roscommon, Ireland, Splinter Group
work that was exhibited.
I finished my year by meeting with other great writing friends for a weekend in Roscommon, Ireland. We are called the Splinters. We are a mix of international, wonderful, friendly writers and definitely check this group out,
It has been a productive but busy time and now it is time to build on it and plan for next year. I hope when you look over the past year, you too are happy with what you produced in the writing world.
Every word put on paper is a step closer to ending that story, poem, novel or play that sits inside your head. It is another step closer to marking off your to-do list and boosting your self-confidence.
Have a wonderful New Year everyone and good luck in all things writings.

The following are links to some of my books, if you are interested.