Friday, 14 March 2014

Champagne and a Contract

My 1st novel My Husband’s Sin has found a home with Tirgearr Publishing, Ireland.
It started like any other day and would have passed by without incident until I opened my email account to send the last email of the day. I had a message from the publishing company I had approached about my novel and I expected the usual, ‘lovely work but not for us’ and boy did I jump for joy when I read I was offered a contract. A contract!! Me!!
Oh my God, the happiness, the smiling, shouting, jumping, then read it again, did I read it right? Then I got scared, nervous, now that my dream was coming true, would I handle it, could I handle it?
Sharing my news with my family and friends was fantastic. Everyone was happy for me, genuinely happy, oh the view from cloud nine is heavenly.  But I know a lot of work is yet to be done, the edits, decisions, the rewrites, still with my assigned editor all shall be sorted.
So thank you to Tirgearr Publishing for giving me this opportunity, I am delighted to be working with such a great publishing house and to be meeting with other fellow authors.
So what is my novel about? Well, I shall leave that until another day, right now I am still smiling and enjoying the moment.
Find out more about Tirgearr Publishing here 

I write at my local library each morning. In this photo are my writing friends and library staff celebrating with me. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

FSF - St Patrick is Furious !

This weeks prompt on Lillie McFerrin is FURIOUS. For more great Five Sentence Fiction, please visit her site for others take on this prompt at

St Patrick's Furious!

St. Patrick sat in the Heavenly sky and wept in fury. Many miles he traveled over this emerald isle and had gathered the people together, while banishing snakes and other nasty creatures. But now the country was thrown into recession, the people struggling, while those guilty walked free. How had he overlooked the most obvious of poison that crawled among the good and faithful? 
Tapping him on the shoulder St. Peter spoke wisely, 
"Don't fret Patrick, those bankers and politicians won't get through our Pearly Gates!" 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Something About Her

When life gives you lemons you have two choices, either suck them and be bitter or add sugar and water and make lemonade. I choose to make lemonade. I like to challenge myself in my writing and my latest challenge is writing for the stage. 
My play has been short-listed for production in the Claremorris Fringe Drama Festival 2014 which takes place on April 4th to the 11th in the Dalton Inn Hotel. There are two, 15 minute plays each night and the winner will be announced at the end of the festival. My play is called Something About Her.
Like I said writing plays for me is new. I started last Oct. it was I think, maybe Sept. But anyhow, I love it. 
Our mentor is John Sheehy of Callback Theatre production fame. John is the Theatre Artist in Residence for Co. Limerick (he is adorable and encouraging). I say, our, because I am joined by Marie O’Halloran, Mary Angland and Mary Ann Bartlett, enough to confuse poor John when we are all seated around the table. So wish me luck, who knows, I may be back with good news after April 11th. but for now I am thrilled to have reached the short-list. 
To know more about Claremorris or Call Back Theatre, follow the links.

P.S. One of my stories, The Treasure Chest, is in this month’s Ireland’s Own, St Patricks Day annual.

Hard at work at one of our meetings in the Friar's Gate Theatre, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick