Sunday, 17 November 2013

Family Matters Launched

It gives me great pleasure to say that Family Matters anthology had its premier launch earlier this week in India. Published by Nivasini Publishing, I am a contributor to this fantastic showcase of writing that will hold its launch in western Europe in the near future. My story The Handbag is in this collection and it is through another great literary journal Boyne Berries that my writing was found and my permission was sought to include The Handbag in the anthology.
To read more go to the following Facebook link at .
There are stories and poetry to enjoy. So looking forward to my contributors copy arriving, well done to a truly international collection of talent.

Also next week another launch is happening, an anthology of award winning stories from A Circle of Friends. It is titled Just Because... so watch this space !
Happy writing.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Chicken Bones and Vodka

It is November 2nd, minutes after midnight, only just. Depending on the time zone you are in. Inspiration for this blog post came unexpectedly.
I was returning home to the beautiful smell or as the posh people may say the aroma of roast chicken. My nostrils absorbed this rich smell as I stepped in my front door and I immediately wanted to feast. Obviously so did my dog Buster! He was waiting for me by the stairs even though I’d put him into his bed before I left. I was only gone out to next door but had cooked the chicken earlier for dinner, a warm chicken salad which I enjoyed immensely. Having a salad in winter may seem daft but I am trying to eat healthily a bit more.
Certainly is winter outside tonight, it is frosty and so cold. The stars twinkled at me as I hopped the wall coming home. The sky inky blue and so clear of clouds. So putting Buster back in bed, grabbing a chicken leg, (I did say it smelt great) and a vodka, I hit for bed with my book.
That’s when I thought of it, Chicken bones and vodka!
I shared a great evening with 2 friends and neighbours and this is the result. Being a writer I thought why not? Others who are scribblers like me have these moments and we need to share them. The fact I’ve not written a word for the past 3 weeks is another story. Have you ever scrubbed and cleaned until your fingers curled by themselves and your wrists are so sore they are in fear of snapping? I have. Right now I wince as my fingers tap my keyboard.
But honestly roast chicken and vodka is not a bad combination. So enjoy your odd cravings and embrace what crosses your path unexpectedly. After all that’s what life is about. Be inspired and happy writing!