Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Submitting for Publication

Last Saturday, I attended a course about submitting for publishing at the Big Smoke Writing Factory www.bigsmokewritingfactory.com  It was led by Vanessa O’Loughlin www.writing.ie and it was really informative. I thought I had perfected my cover/query letter but I was totally surprised by what I needed to add to mine. Do not start with a question! Address it to the correct person, if you dont know , make a phone call or google the agency/publisher. get the essence of the novel in your letter. It is not meant to be too formal, some of your personality should show through.
A synopsis is difficult to write but worth practicing and keep to a max of two pages, no more. Remember it is what the story is, an overview of your book. Also one shoud be able to write a 50 word and a 100 word biography.
When sending in the first 3 chapters, it is important that your story starts where the action is. So therefore it needs a hook, a hook that draws in an agent, publisher and importantly the reader.
On leaving we were asked to consider ten interesting things about ourselves and write these down. We all smiled and smirked thinking what would be so interesting about us everyday mortals? Yet once home I sat and thought about it. So I made my list and surprised myself with what I came up with. So far I’m on number 5. Now I shall link them to my writing and fill you in on how it works in the next blog posts that I shall put up.
So watch this blog for how my interesting life list will inspire my writing.  

Friday, 8 February 2013

I am a Writer

Recently I came across a new site that offered both competitions and a retreat for writers. It is http://www.carousel-creates.com . Writers were asked to write under the heading I Am A Writer. It was challenging and thought provoking, so I gave it a go. I shared this challenge with a great writing friend Marie O'Halloran, http://www.marieohalloran.blogspot.com . My piece is below and check out Marie's great entry too.
CONGRATULATIONS to the three winners, read their work over on the Carousel Creates site.

“I am a writer.” Staring at the mirror I want to see the happiness that sparkles from me when I say those words.
Four words that express all I want to be, who I am. I watch my tongue caress my lips in luxury like sampling exotic dark chocolate or tempting smooth ice-cream.
Four words that catch others attention, they noting there is more to the plain Jane that stands before them.
“So you write what? Why?” they ask with raised eyebrows.
“Life, because I need to,” I smile. They nod, but not understanding.
“It’s simple, I am a writer,” I add to help ease their discomfort at not getting the draw, the addiction there is to tap on a keyboard or feel the pen glide over page after page. Words tumbling out bringing life or new meaning to my many jumbled thoughts. The frustration of a blank page that refuses all offerings that my troubled mind tries to express, the dreaded writers block that turns to joy when once more both writer and words create beauty together.
I am a writer. Four words which continue to feed my confidence when a rejection comes through my letterbox, taunting my faith in my work. To be a writer is to be mixed up in reality and imagination forever more. How can I explain what is hard to explain to myself? It is both a delight and tormenting to say day after day, I am a writer.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Competitons Info

I must say I always enjoy going on this site, Novelicious.com as it has loads of info for writers of all levels. There is a great piece on comps so check it out, because you're worth it !!