Sunday, 15 January 2017

WELCOME 2017. ( Being Positive )

So far it has been a crazy start to the New Year but not because I made resolutions, I never do, but with planning some writing strategies. You see, I always have great ideas/intentions. Meeting with fellow writer and playwright, Mary Angland (https://maryangland.wordpress.com/ ) to share and toss around these ideas and listen to hers was the first thing, to kick-start the year.
I don't think strategies is the right word. Anyway, we sat and got out our diaries for 2017 and listed, short story competitions, magazines, and something else that we wanted to be part of. Plays! We are hopeing to have our plays performed again this year. Keep our Blog's up to date too, of course!
Mary A & Mary B
We have the names of the competitions and the closing dates, all the guidelines too for the places we want to submit. Now we just need to write the stories!
Mary and I also took note of the magazines that we must pen articles for. We are taking it, that the editors will want our work, its all about being positive and sending it out to the universe. Not worked for the lotto yet though. Plus I want to aim for two blog posts a month.
In between all of the above, we are writing our novels at present and also we both have a play each to write by February for an Arts Festival. Honestly us ladies don't do things by halves!
It shall be interesting to see if we can stick to our plans. If by some miracle we do, look at the wealth of writing we shall accomplish.
Entering competitions can be expensive so we set a budget for ourselves, €50 for the year. Usually it is €10 per entry, so allowing us 5 competitions. Which means we will be choosy about where we send our work. There are also a lot of free competitions which we hope to take part in too. Plus of course when our articles are published, the payment received will make us back our €50 plus profit. All about positivity, people.
I got off to a good start over the last two weeks. I've entered 3 story competitions, 2 of which are short stories up to 2000 words and 1 a flash fiction piece of 404 words. One comp. was free, the other two cost me €13. This is my blog post. My magazine articles are memory style pieces, so I have been thinking about those.
There you have it, part of my good intentions. Yes, part, because there are loads of other ideas rattling in my head that I need to attend to. Will share more in future posts. It will be interesting to read my last blog post of this year next December and see if my plans worked out.
What have you planned for the year? Let me know, I'd love to hear from you.

Happy writing

Saturday, 24 December 2016

At last! Writer willing to admit that Writers' Block is a Myth.

I've cracked it! After a year that was lousy, lifestyle wise, and well I won't even go to emotionally, I realised that 2016 was a horrible year because it disconnected me from what I usually draw from for my fiction writing.
Yeah, yeah you've heard it all before and so it may be. But for me, it is new. I've been writing now for a good few years but tonight it came home to me that what I felt throughout 2016 was not writers' block but writers' excuse. Should I patent this?
Yes, it has been a difficult year and it has been dismal but there were so many bright moments too that have I intentionally forgotten them?
Do we allow the negative to cloud our vision that we willingly forsake the good times?

This year is drawing to a close and I willingly admit to dragging my heels when it came to writing. I had every excuse in the book, (excuse the pun) to withdraw in to my hiding hole and let the world pass by.
But that is unfair. Unfair to those I love.  Whatever I am feeling, those who were directly involved in my misery where more deserving than me by a mile. I am only a side-line. It was easier to tell myself I could not write.
It is Christmas Eve. It is a wake-up call.
I could not write for most of this year due to family issues. I had writers' block. How convenient for me!
So I dabbled in short stories and flash fiction, just to keep my hand in there you see. Writer's never switch off, even if we do not admit to this. Although I had a sequel to finish for my publishers and also the editing of another novella for my patient and understanding publishers. I realised while suffering from writers' block, was, there is no such thing!!
Why? How?
Well, my head was so full of ideas, plot twists, character traits etc that I did not know where to start. So I realised, writers' block does not exist, it is when the writer's mind becomes overflowing with ideas that the reluctance to write seeps in.
Bochum Christmas Markets
So what did I do?
I wrote flash fiction, not just notes but little stories. I picked whatever story/character bugged me each night and took details and recorded them for a different but future time.
Bochum, Germany
I had acknowledged them in my head and they were happy.
It is an exciting time for me to share this with you as I edited and shared a piece that annoyed me for a few nights, ( most writers ideas come to them as they want to go to sleep) with an on-line USA magazine and it was accepted for publication and also entered into a contest they run.
So, my advice is, there is no such thing as writers' block only writers' overload.
AND treat that overload with respect, it may lead you to greater success!
Happy Christmas, love and hugs.

Mary T, xx

Thursday, 13 October 2016



With Halloween around the corner, all things scary are popping up on social media, TV and in every shop. It's a time of year where dress up is popular and this year it seems the scary clown is making an impact.
But horror stories can cover any day any time of year and so on July 4th, Fairground Fred feeds his nasty appetite on an unsuspecting American community in Roll Up, Roll Up!

Want to know more?

If you were not afraid of clowns before, this might just change your mind.

For the Halloween holidays, treat yourself to this harrowing short story, available through the below links. Both eBook and paperback formats available.

Amazon US & UK



We all have fun filled memories of times enjoyed on the Ferris wheel, the carousels, and eating candyfloss and winning teddies at the shooting range. But in Roll Up, Roll Up! there is no fun to be had. Old Annie and Whistling Bob do their best to warn the others to avoid the ghost train tunnels. Are they listened to or are the two friends only to be teased and laughed at? Read on and find out what happens when you don't listen to those who know best.  Visiting a fairground will no longer appeal to you, if you dare to read this tale.

Monday, 26 September 2016


I am thrilled to share with you the names of the winners for my recent novel competition. I want to thank you all who entered, I was touched by how many took the time to take part.
Please don't be disappointed if you were not one of the two lucky winners this time round, I shall be running another competition in November. 

The answer to the question asked was    B : EMERALD

To get on with the proceedings, the winners are :

     Lynne Facella, MA, USA 

     Kathy Downey, OH, USA

Now I am off to the post office to get these prizes on their way to their new homes. I hope you enjoy the book, Lynne and Kathy and also that you shall use your writing set.  

Once more, thank you to all who entered and congratulations to our wonderful winners. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Inspired by my last post, All the way from Florida, I've decided to host a competition. I am giving away to two lucky people a signed copy, in paperback, of My Husband's Sin PLUS a writing set each. So you can write and share a letter with a loved one.
Nothing beats receiving a letter in the post, knowing someone took time out of their day to share their news with you.
In my novel, Lacey Taylor's life is changed by a letter she receives and her world crashes down. Later, she has to put pen to paper and realises the power of the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. In fact there are four letters in all that change the shape of Lacey's future path.
If the novel is not your preferred reading genre, why not enter anyway and gift it to some who will love receiving it and you gain favour too with them. Everyone wins with this competition!!


Answer the simple question that follows about my beautiful Ireland and its forty shades of green.

Ireland is also known as

The "                      " Isle 

    A : Ruby        B: Emerald      C: Diamond  

Send your answer by email to:  marytbrad@gmail.com 
Subject line titled Novel Competition. 

Closing date : SEPTEMBER 23RD 2016 MIDNIGHT.


Friday, 26 August 2016

All the way from Florida

Holiday over, I returned home a tad pensive but relaxed. A week spent Internet free with my son and daughter-in-law. Chats, meals out, walks (with crutches), ahh bliss.
Once home, I dived into the post that awaited me. What a lovely surprise when I opened a package all the way from Florida, USA. It was the book I won on Facebook group, The Review Blog Page. 

The novel is Twilight of Memory by author, Julia Faye Smith, I was so excited and happy to receive it. Julia also included a lovely note with her book. Thank you so much, Julia, for posting it to me, I know it cost a pretty penny to do so.
I am looking forward to reading this, so early to bed for me and snuggle down with my prize.

If you would like to purchase your own copy of Twilight of Memory, follow the below link.


Inspired by this, I shall host a competition in my next blog post, so watch out for that!

Friday, 12 August 2016

Back to the men with this one!

One of the positive aspects of social media is all the wonderful people you meet. Now I would like to introduce you to Morton Morelli. He is a man of many talents, but today he is sharing his writing with us.

Mary Bradford: So tell us a little about yourself?

Morton Morelli: I am married, I live in the English countryside with my wife and children. I have 1 book published so far and I am working on the second. I also have book 3 and 4 also lined up and I know how they go, it’s just about having time to write them and get them out. 
MB: What genre do you write in?
MM: Thriller so far, but feel I could write in other genres, as it all feels comfortable to me. Have imagination, will write. 
MB: And your latest book, what have you to tell us about it?
MM: Sardine Packing, is my latest book. It is an awful term used in WW2 and I couldn't get away from it as the title. The story starts in WW2 and very soon comes to present day. The question posed is how the past is connected to the present. Rich banker, controlling water. A little science fiction in there with a product used to extend life. Hopefully a page turner. 
MB: Are you currently working on a new project?  
MM: I also am a musician and I have an album coming out soon. I have written the songs already and recorded demos, so the band can learn the songs for the recording mid-august. Hopefully available in September 2016.
MB: Where do you like to write?
MM: I write long hand and can do it anywhere. If I find myself alone and having dinner, I will write a chapter while eating, no matter how noisy the restaurant is. I can zone out and get on with it. 
MB: Tell us about that defining moment when you smiled and said, I’m a writer.
MM: Having a completed book in hard back did make me think, I am actually a writer. But also when everyone else seems to have a life and I am writing by myself, I realise that I have no choice, so that must be evidence in itself. It is also good when you get a good review, it makes you feel like a writer.
MB: What is next for you? 
MM: Presently, I have a day job, to bring in some money. It will be great when I can make a living at writing, being a full-time writer would mean I can create more.
Below is a taste of Morton's book, Sardine Packing. 
Book Blurb:
It is the summer of the year 1940, in the picturesque village of Rittershoffen, where the previously quiet lives of the villagers are about to be thrown into turmoil, and changed forever. It is here that we meet Hans Grubber, a young German officer who is determined to make a difference, particularly in the lives of the beautiful Sophie, and her young daughter. 
Present- The eminent psychologist Dr. David Prost is reacquainted with a childhood, family friend at a lecture he is giving in Washington D.C.  For Emily Meyers, their reunion opens up old wounds, and an even older mystery. Meanwhile, her sister, the vivacious Eleanor Meyers, embarks upon her dream job as a translator for the entrepreneur, and billionaire banker Richard Weiss. All is not as it seems though, and Eleanor begins to suspect that working for Wiess might be the dream job she imagined, as strange events begin to collide with her, and her sisters’ past.